Vengeance of Sarkoris (2024)

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Vengeance of Sarkoris
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The Fifth Crusade


Ciar or Morveg




Chapter quest

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Vengeance of Sarkoris is a quest in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.


  • 1 Journal
  • 2 Walkthrough
    • 2.1 Find out what happened to Ciar
    • 2.2 Find Morveg
    • 2.3 Slay the demon in the cave
    • 2.4 Defeat Morveg
    • 2.5 Give Morveg's talisman to Ciar

Journal[ | ]

After the fall of Sarkoris, its people were forced to flee, turning a proud race into vagrants and outcasts. Harsh and intolerant by nature, the Kellids of Sarkoris never forgave the demons for their crimes, and they raised a generation of children who dreamed of vengeance and the restoration of their motherland. Morveg, a young Everbright Crusader, has nursed a desire to seek retribution against the demons since childhood. This blind thirst for vengeance could lead to the boy's downfall, or it could be the making of a true hero.
Find out what happened to Ciar+210xpObj0.9_TalkToCiar (9e47b08392b1ba842a8474a301b78eae)
Word has it that Ciar has not been fulfilling his duties as the leader of the Everbright Crusaders. There must be a reason for this change.
Find Morveg+210xpObj1_FindMorveg (8d09dff52763eba4ea7d291938dc595d)
Morveg, Ciar's protégé and young Everbright Crusader, has gone missing. Some harm may have befallen him.
  • Search the area surrounding Wintersun village
    Add1_SearchGreengates (8ade85cc097f8cf47b13ebd67940e3dd)
Slay the demon in the cave+210xpObj2_GoToGorumsTemple (a25c2a4fcc61ecd48a6a35be68591d2e)
Morveg says that there is a shrine of Gorum in the cave, and it contains a valuable weapon. But the way into the shrine is blocked by a dangerous demon.
  • Follow Morveg into the temple of Gorum
    Addendum_0001 (35a523ab32b010b49ac06250801a8d9a)
Defeat Morveg+210xpObj3_KillMorveg (393a3ded1ea636c4f8a46af6b10814dd)
Morveg decided to demonstrate the Fang of Malice's might for the Commander. To do this, he chose the obvious option — a fight to the death.
Give Morveg's talisman to Ciar+700xpObj4_GiveTalismanToCiar (e5f25c88e14402a4e8c515c2dacf67ac)
Morveg is dead. He wanted Ciar to know of his achievement... or his treachery, depending on one's perspective.
-NoexpHiddenObj (8bf482db853e8b44e81d4c2750aebf68)
Morveg is dead, but he did what he saw as his duty. He got the Fang of Malice — a sword dedicated to Gorum and belonging to Morveg's ancestors. In his final minutes, he asked the Commander to use the Fang and other weapons like it to destroy the Worldwound.

Walkthrough[ | ]

  • Ciar and his Everbright Crusaders will visit your Command Room.
    • If you are on Lich or Demon mythic path he will be hostile and you will get to make (Good/Lawful/Evil/Chaotic/None) alignment choice.
    • Otherwise he will give you an army of Champions x45 and Paladins x2.
  • The way this quest starts depends on your interactions with Ciar and Morveg after that visit.

Find out what happened to Ciar[ | ]

  • 5 days after Ciar's arrival you will get Irabeth Wants to Talk event that can start this objective, but only if you didn't talk to either Ciar or Morveg in Drezen square, nor started any of the other objectives in this quest.

Find Morveg[ | ]

  • If you have talked with Ciar or Morveg in Drezen square then Morveg will be gone in 2 days.
  • Talk to Ciar to start this objective.

Slay the demon in the cave[ | ]

  • Morveg can be found in eastern cave of Wintersun, even if you didn't start any of previous objectives or met criteria of him leaving Drezen.
    • This will auto-complete any of previous objectives if you have them.
    • In the dialog there is an optional Perception DC 23check(+30xp).
    • Talking to him will start a 2-day timer, after which he will die and quest fail if you don't resolve the situation at the shrine of Gorum. So it's better if you deal with it right away.
  • Slay the Derakni Devastator (Vengeance of Sarkoris) there and follow Morveg into the shrine.

Defeat Morveg[ | ]

  • No matter what you do it will lead to a fight with Morveg.
  • After defeating him you get to make (Good/Lawful/Chaotic/Evil/None) alignment choice and you get Morveg's Talisman.
  • You can loot Fang of Malice from his body.
    • It will activate Swords of Gorum decree.

Give Morveg's talisman to Ciar[ | ]

  • Return to Drezen and talk to Ciar.
  • If you failed the quest you can still give Morveg's Talisman to Ciar, but there will be no follow-up dialogue.
  • If you are on hostile terms with Ciar (by being Lich or Demon) you'll have to pass Bluff DC 30(+120xp) or Diplomacy DC 28check(+60xp) to continue conversation, otherwise he will call you a murderer and you won't be able to talk with him much except for Durability Test Lich quest.
  • If conversation went well you get to make (Good/Chaotic/Evil/None) alignment choice.
  • Then you have to decide what to do with Fang of Malice:
    1. If you have Gorum as your deity you can pass Lore (Religion) DC 25check(+37xp) to keep the sword.
    2. (Good) Give him the sword.
    3. Say that you don't have the sword (if you really don't).
    4. (Chaotic) Lie that you don't have the sword Bluff DC 35check(+240xp).
    5. Refuse to destroy the sword.
  • Depending on what you choose you get the following results:
    • If you passed [Lore (Religion)] check or gave him the sword then:
      • On good terms you get Morale +15.
      • If he is hostile you get his troops.
      • If you gave him the sword he will stop being hostile.
    • Telling him that you don't have the sword or passing [Bluff] check will do nothing special.
    • If you fail to pass [Lore (Religion)] or [Bluff] checks, or refuse to destroy the sword then Ciar will become hostile.
  • After finishing the dialogue you won't be able to talk to Ciar for one day.
  • After that you will still be able to give him Fang of Malice for Morale or Troops reward (depending on his hostility), he will also stop being hostile if he was.
    • That's available as long as you didn't complete the Swords of Gorum decree.

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Vengeance of Sarkoris (2024)


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