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There are quite a lot of companions to recruit in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. How else would you be able to create the good-aligned party of your dreams and the evil-aligned party of your dreams in the same game?

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Wrath of the Righteous is a game that places a lot of emphasis on the choices you, the player, make - and these can sometimes affect your chances of recruiting a party member! Some companions are exclusive to certain Mythic Paths, too. This is a choice that happens at the end of Act Two, so it's helpful to go into that choice forewarned and forearmed.

Regular Companions

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Most companions in Wrath of the Righteous fall under this heading, and they will likely make up the majority of your party in most playthroughs. Here's how to recruit them:


How To Recruit




Seelah will be automatically recruited at the start of the Prologue in the caverns underneath Kenabres.

If you choose the Lich Mythic Path at the end of Act Two, Seelah will leave your party permanently in Act Five.




Like Seelah, Camellia is automatically recruited in the caverns underneath Kenabres, shortly after Seelah.



Zen Archer

After a short while in the caverns underneath Kenabres, you will encounter both Lann and Wenduag and recruit them both automatically so they can take you to the Mongrel home.

At the end of the Prologue, you must make choose whether to keep Lann or Wenduag along for the ride. If you do not choose Lann here, he will leave.

If you chose Wenduag, you can make them have an honorable duel in Act Three. If you then assert that Wenduag is the rightful chief of their tribe, you will be able to recruit him in Act Five.




Wenduag joins automatically in the caverns underneath Kenabres along with Lann.

You must choose between Lann and Wenduag at the end of the Prologue.

If you chose Lann, there are two more chances to recruit Wenduag in the game - once in Act Three and once in Act Five if you reject her again in Act Three.

If you recruit Wenduag in Act Three, she will betray you further down the line and leave for good.



Eldritch Scoundrel

Woljif can be found in the basem*nt of the Defender's Heart in Act One. He will be imprisoned and request that you get him freed. To do this, you simply need to ask Irabeth to free him and he will join you.

You must recruit Woljifbefore the story fight at the Defender's Heart or he will run away and be permanently unrecruitable. This happens roughly three days after you can explore Kenabres.

Woljif will leave the party at a certain point in Act Two but can be re-recruited via a sidequest in Act Three.


Human (?)

Scroll Savant

You will get a random encounter early on in Act One in which you meet Nenio. Play along with her science experiment and complete the encounter to get the option to recruit her.



Stigmatized Witch

In the south-eastern quadrant of the Market Square in Kenabres in Act One you will find Ember being accosted by some Templars. Save her and you will get the option to recruit her.

You must save Ember before the story fight at the Defender's Heart or she will die and be permanently unrecuitable.




You can begin a quest near the temple in the north-eastern quadrant of the Market Square in Kenabres that reveals the location of the Arendae House. Head there and complete the quest which will involve killing demons at a party. You will then meet Daeran and get the option to recruit him.

If you do not recruit him here, you'll get another chance once you become the leader of the crusade.




Sosiel is presented to you by Queen Galfrey in Act Two. He will be found in your camp for introductions.



Armiger / Hellknight

At some point in Act Two you will be asked to help a troop of Hellknights being attacked by Gargoyles. Head to that location and complete the quest to meet and recruit Regill.



Espionage Expert

There are two ways to recruit Arushalae. The first is to wait until Act Three and recruit Arushaelae in the Greengates location on the map after taking care of her problem there. She will be recruited at a higher level, though, meaning you cannot customize her as much as you would be able to otherwise.

As the method for recruiting Arueshalae earlier is a bit involved, it will be detailed below this table.




You will encounter Greybor during the siege of Drezen in Act Two and can recruit him fully during Act Three to help him in his quest to slay a dragon.

If, after slaying the dragon with Greybor, you don't have enough money to recruit him permanently, he will leave the party. If this happens, he can be found and then hired (for the same amount of money) at the Tavern in Drezen.



Two-Handed Fighter / Armored Hulk / Paladin / Hellknight

Recruiting Trever is a slightly involved process that requires that you make lots of correct choices in previous conversations. As with Arueshalae, the details will be laid out below this table.



Griffonheart Shifter

Joins after visiting the Blackwing Library, rescuing the Storyteller, giving the Crystal Knife to the Storyteller, and then returning to the tavern.

You must have The Last Sarkorians DLC installed to recruit Ulbrig.

How To Recruit Arueshalae Early

If you unlocked the Azata Mythic Pathduring Act One at the Temple of Desna in the Market Square, you can continue with this method and get her at Level Eight during Act Two.

  • While you are at the Lost Chapel, slide down the mountain using the Athletics check prompts near the Chapel's gates. You will be on the lowest ground level again.
  • Search this area to get various encounters (so be careful) including one with a Kabiri Cultist who will have a Small Sextant. Take this item.
  • Search this area for the entrance to a Cave which should have a Small Harp inside. Take this item too.
  • Place these two items on the Shrine of Desna which is found at the south of the map at the center. There will be three hand interactions now - press them in this order: middle, right, left, middle. You will receive a vision of Arushaelae.
  • When you take part in the assault in Drezen, you will find Arushaelae in the prison. Free her to recruit her.

How To Recruit Trever

Recruiting Trever involves a lot of interactions with Sosiel, as they are brothers.

  • Once Sosiel receives the unique shield Immaculate Petal, never let it leave your inventory. It's best to just keep it equipped to Sosiel to be safe.
  • When talking to Sosiel, make sure you pick dialogue options that imply that Trever might have been changed by the war.
  • In Act Three, complete Sosiel's companion quest and pick the option that prompts you to get the full story from the other survivors at the Lost Chapel.
  • At the Lost Chapel, talk to the other survivors and again imply that Trever might have lost his way thanks to the war.
  • In Act Four you will meet an individual called "The Dire One" - you must pass a Perception check to realize that this is Trever.
  • After the Battlebliss questline bring Sosiel to the arena and arrange for him and The Dire One to fight. Make sure you pick options that avoid fighting and get Sosiel to raise his shield.
  • When there is a dialogue prompt that mentions taking Trever home, pick it and you will recruit him.


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Hilor's location in Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous

While there are plenty of companions to find and recruit in the game, you may wish to recruit mercenaries instead to fill out your ranks. Mercenaries can be any class and be built entirely to your specifications, unlike the regular companions who may have been built in ways you disapprove of.

To recruit mercenaries, you need to talk to Hilor (or any of his stand-ins) and pay him a sum of money. This is usually quite a hefty amount of cash but having an entire extra body around can be well worth it.

The table below details Hilor's locations in each Act.


Hilor's (Or a Stand-In) Location

Act One

The Defender's Heart Tavern

Act Two

In the crusade encampment

Act Three

The second floor of the Inn in Drezen

Act Four

In the Fleshmarkets

Act Five

The second floor of the Inn in Drezen

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Finnean The Talking Weapon

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - How To Recruit All Companions (3)

Finnean is not a standard companion but he is someone you can recruit and keep with you at all times. He is a sentient weapon with dialogue, quests, and abilities of his own. He can be turned into any weapon type which is really handy for characters who use rare weapon types.

  • To get Finnean, you must first recruit Woljif in Act One.
  • During Woljif's companion quest in Act One, you can find Finnean at the Ancientries and Wonders Shop.

Mythic Path-Exclusive Companions

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - How To Recruit All Companions (4)

Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous Lich Art

The following companions are only available if you take certain Mythic Paths in the game. The Lich-exclusive party members may need the Ziggurat project requested by the lich Zacharius to be completed in Crusade Management Mode.

Some of these entries are incredibly spoileriffic so take caution.


Mythic Path

How To Recruit

Staunton Vhane




Once you have reached Act Three, if you have chosen to take the Aeon Mythic Path it is possible to redeem Staunton Vhane. There will be a Mythic Quest that involves a rift appearing on the stairs in Drezen. Inside the rift, you will be able to try and convince Staunton to deny Minahgo's wiles - if successful, Staunton can join your party.

Staunton Vhane

Dwarf (Undead)



At the end of Act Two you will fight Staunton alongside Minahgo and Nurah - kill him and then in Act Three you must choose the option that has his corpse put into Drezen's prison. Here, a Lich character can resurrect him.


Human (Undead)



Once the Ziggurat project is completed in Act Three, head to the Temple of the Good Hunt to the west of Drezen. Inside you can find the corpse of Delamere and resurrect her.


Human (Undead)



In Act Three you can complete a quest for Ciar called Vengeance of Sarkoris which involves going to Wintersun to find Morveg.

  • Complete this quest and then wait until much later in the game.
  • At some point, you will receive a notification that Ciar's crusaders are hanging around your Ziggurat.
  • Confront Ciar and pick the dialogue prompt that insults Morveg and reveals how he died.
  • Go to the Ziggurat and kill the crusaders there. At this point, you can raise Ciar as your thrall.


Human (Undead)



During the Colyphyr Mines dungeon in Act Four, there is an optional encounter with Kestoglyr and some Bodaks. Once this encounter is completed you get the option to raise him - he will join the party in Act Five.

Queen Galfrey


Paladin / Thundercaller

Angel, Aeon, Gold Dragon

If you are playing as an Angel, Aeon, or Gold Dragon, you can recruit Galfrey in Act 5 if you have romanced her.

Queen Galfrey

Human (Undead)



In Act Five, you can choose to kill Queen Galfrey. She can then be immediately raised to join your party.

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