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Are you looking for adjectives that begin with the letter N, whether to fit in with a poem you are writing or simply to expand your vocabulary? This long list will lend you a helping hand. If you still can't find the right word, here's a pro tip — by adding "non" to almost any adjective, you're describing what that thing is not. Good luck!

Adjectives that start with N

Nailed — Fastened with nails.

Naked — Unclothed, bare.

Narcotic — With a sedative effect.

Narrow — Restricted, thin, limited.

Nasal — Pertaining to the nose.

National — Spread across the nation.

Nationalistic — Pertaining to nationalism; excessive patriotism.

Native — Originating in a location.

Natural — In a state of nature.

Nauseating — Inducing nausea, making someone sick.

Nautical — Pertaining to the sea or ships.

Navy — Pertaining to the navy; a shade of blue.

Nearby — At close range.

Nebulous — Vague, unclear, undefined.

Needless — Without need for.

Nefarious — Evil, vile, wicked.

Negative — Rejecting; opposite of positive.

Neglected — Ignored, overlooked, disregarded.

Negligible — Insignificant, trivial, not important.

Neighboring — Nearby, adjacent.

Neither — Not this or that.

Nested — Sheltered comfortably, snuggled.

Netted — Featuring a net.

Neutral — Inoffensive; impartial; mild (in odor or color).

Never-ending — Without end, ongoing.

New — Recently introduced, novel, fresh.

Newest — The latest, most recent.

Newfangled — Trendy, modern.

Newsworthy — Deserving of being in the news.

Next — The following, subsequent.

Nicked — Stolen; featuring a small cut.

Nightly — Occurring during the night.

Nightmarish — Horrifying, dreadful.

Nocturnal — Active during the night.

Noisy — Loud, blaring, deafening.

Nominal — Existing only in name.

Non-negotiable — Demanded; fixed, not subject to discussion.

Nonchalant — Indifferent, relaxed, apathetic.

Nonexistent — Lacking existence, not there.

Nonflammable — Incombustible, unlikely to catch fire.

Nonsensical — Lacking sense, silly, preposterous.

Northern — Appearing in the north.

Notable — Important, significant, celebrated.

Noticeable — Observable, apparent.

Notorious — Infamous, shady; famed, well-known.

Novel — New, fresh, innovative, original.

Noxious — Poisonous, hazardous, dangerous.

Nude — Naked; pale in color.

Nullified — Having been declared non-valid.

Numb — Unfeeling, anesthetized.

Numbered — Featuring numbers in a list.

Numerous — Many, lots, abundant.

Nutritious — Containing many nutrients; healthy to eat.

Nutty — Containing nuts; crazy, silly.

Adjectives that start with N to describe a person

Naive — Gullible, inexperienced.

Named — With a known name.

Nameless — Without a name, unnamed.

Narcissistic — Arrogant, self-centered, egotistical.

Narrow-minded — Intolerant, insular, prejudiced.

Nasty — Disgusting, foul, mean, offensive.

Naughty — Disobedient, mischievous.

Nauseous — Feeling sick to the stomach.

Needy — Possessive, clingy; poor.

Neighborly — Kind, polite, helpful.

Nerdy — Geeky, dorky, quirky.

Nervous — Anxious, agitated, tense, worried.

Nervy — Extremely, offensively, bold.

Neurotic — Nervous, anxious.

Newborn — Born very recently.

Nimble — Quick, light, dexterous, agile.

Non-partisan — Impartial, neutral, unaffiliated.

Normal — Typical, average, common.

Nosy — Meddlesome, intrusive, interfering.

Novice — Inexperienced, new, unskilled.

Positive adjectives that start with N

Narrative — Pertaining to stories.

Nascent — Currently coming into being.

Natty — Fashionable, stylish.

Neat — Tidy; wonderful, cool.

Necessary — Needed, required.

Negotiable — To be negotiated.

Nice — Kind; good; sweet.

Nifty — Excellent, marvelous, great.

Nitid — Bright, luminous, glossy.

No-nonsense — Direct, straight to the point.

Noble — Of nobility; honorable, fair.

Nostalgic — Inducing feelings about the past.

Noted — Observed, regarded, seen, famous.

Nuanced — Elaborate, containing many shades.

Example sentences with N adjectives

  1. Despite the fact that William has amassed great wealth over the years, he remains a very normal
  2. They had noble intentions when they offered to supply the local school with crayons, but it turned out that the school already had plenty of those.
  3. My nosy neighbor won't stop asking me intrusive questions whenever I see her.
  4. I have to say that I experience nostalgic feelings every time that old song comes on the radio.
  5. The non-partisan committee took a while to reach its conclusions, but when it did, all sides were angry with the decision that was made.
  6. It is essential to eat plenty of nutritious meals if your health is a priority for you; it's even better if they can be delicious, too.
  7. A narrative essay allows you to explore your experiences and feelings on a topic, which is how it differs from an argumentative essay, which focuses on logic and reasoning.
  8. A neat home can make you feel happier than a messy and unorganized one.
  9. That's a nifty contraption you've got there, son — would you mind showing me how it works?
  10. The naked walls made the apartment look strange, bare, and impersonal, but they knew that with some personal touches, they could make it into a home in no time.
  11. Johnny's noisy roommate always blasts loud music in the middle of the night, leading to frequent visits from the police following complaints.
  12. Make sure that you all submit your ideas by means of a numbered list, so that we can review them more easily.
  13. I cried when I first got to see my newborn sister and I can't want to get to know her better.
  14. Narrow-minded people think they have everything figured out, and aren't open to hearing new

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65+ Adjectives That Start With N (with Example Usage) - English-Grammar-Lessons.com (2024)


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